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      Midas Project Spark Fixing Cars Igniting Change

      Fixing More Than Just Cars

      Lack of transportation is a barrier for millions of Americans. Midas shops are locally owned and operated. As part of the community, we want to ignite change all around us.

      We’re dedicated to repairing over 1,000 vehicles for families, veterans and first responders. By getting people back on the road, we’re helping improve lives and make our communities a touch better.

      Lives We’ve Already Touched

      Meet some of the families we’ve helped. Watch their stories here.

      What People are Saying

      Inside Edition

      Jasmine, of Philadelphia, didn't have a car and was spending five hours a day on the bus getting her three children to the places they needed to go, until Midas stepped in. Read more about Jasmine's story

      We Can’t Do It Alone

      We're just getting started and need your help. We're working with our friends at 1-800-Charity Cars and their network of charity organizations to find cars and deserving families. The best way you can help spark a difference is by donating your car. It can make a world of difference for a family in need.

      The original 1-800-Charity-Cars Providing Donated Vehicles to Struggling Families

      For media inquiries and other information about our program, please contact [email protected]

      Video: Midas Project Spark "Anthem"
      Video: Midas Project Spark "Dorsey"
      Video: Midas Project Spark "Jasmine"
      Video: Midas Project Spark "Tim"
      One-sheeter: Project Spark Fact Sheet
      One-sheeter: Project Spark Philly Stories
      Project Spark Press Release
      Still Images and Logos