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      How-to VideosHow-to Videos

      Car-related DIY can sometimes feel overwhelming, whether it's fixing something that's gone wrong or installing something new. These videos help guide car owners with easy, step-by-step instructions to complete the job at hand, making how-to videos a touch better as well.

      How-To: Change a Tire

      You never know when a tire will leave you feeling deflated. Learn how to fix it yourself by watching this video.

      How-To: Install a Car Seat

      Installing a car seat is so easy a baby could do it. Ok, not quite. But watch this video to learn how to do it properly, keeping your baby safe and your nerve at ease.

      How-To: Travel Safely with Your Pet

      Your pets are part of the family. So why are only 16% of us properly securing them in our cars? Keep your best friends safe.

      How-To: Secure a Christmas Tree to your Car

      Stay safe this holiday season with a Midas How-To: Secure a Christmas Tree to your Car. No roof rack? No problem. In a few easy steps, you will learn how to tie your Christmas Tree on your roof like a pro!