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      Careers at Midas Franchise Locations

      You might have what it takes.

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      Why Midas?

      Midas local franchise owners seek driven individuals to help grow the business and continue earning customers’ trust within their local communities.

      When you join the team at a Midas franchise, you join a locally owned and operated team in a friendly, family-like environment. Midas franchisees support skill development and provide cross-training opportunities, so you can learn new techniques and advance your career path.

      I wish I had joined Midas sooner in my career. We have the best techs in the industry.

      It's a pleasure to work for a company that cares about their employees and hires qualified technicians.

      When your work for Midas, you know you've made it to the big league.

      About Our Franchise Locations

      At Midas, we take care of EVERYTHING. Servicing tires, brakes, oil, exhaust and suspensions requires technicians of all skill levels. From General Manager to Customer Service Advisor, there are exciting career opportunities with Midas Franchise teams.

      International brand with 1100+ North American locations

      Locally owned & operated

      Career growth opportunities

      Dynamic, fast-paced work environment

      Great owner, awesome staff & wonderful customers… what more could you want!

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